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Michael Rougier- Japanese Youth in Revolt, Tokyo, 1964

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Silena Lambertini (Italy)

Silena Lambertini is a self-taught photographer based in Italy who creates amazing landscape photographs. With some post processing involved, the mystic light leaves a trail of the total silence.

© All images courtesy the artist

[more Silena Lambertini | artist found at A Lifetime Photography]

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inge grognard make up retrospective: 1989-1998

kate moss by ronald stoops backstage at martin margiela winter 1992

purple fashion no. 5, summer 1998

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Gaston Bogaert (Belgian, 1918-2008), Les regrets de l’automne, 1992. Oil on panel, 50 x 61 cm.

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La Siesta, Memory of Spain - Gustave Dore


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Ocean in Opal.

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'Waiting for Spring.”  

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1942, New York– Original caption: And it’s off to work goes Salvador Dali. His method of going to work is not that of the ordinary mortal. He lies on a perfumed couch in his studio with a handful of pencils. Perfume is then dropped on his eyelids to influence the character of his dreams, for dreams are the stuff of which surrealism is made. (via)

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Hermann Nitsch - Oedipus (1990)

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